Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Chicks are Here!!!!!

Our little farm is growing! The newest additions to our menagerie are 15 adorable little chickies! These gals will eventually provide us with wonderful farm fresh eggs; enough to feed our whole family! And that's saying something :)We have three Rhode Island Red's, three Barred Rocks, three New Hampshire's, three Black Sex-links and three Golden Comets.

In other farm news, we have been soap making like crazy the past few months and we're very excited about bringing our newest products to you!
Along with three lovely smelling, all-natural hand soaps (Lavender, Sweet Orange & Lavender and Clary Sage & Grapefruit), and one absolutely lovely all-natural soothing bar; we have also perfected (if we do say so ourselves), a fabulous all-natural shampoo bar. It leaves your hair shiny and bouncy, with no icky build-up or yucky sulfates. It's shampoo you'll feel good about using!
We will be adding soap to our store in the very near future and we'll be sure to let you all know!

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